Anti-Stick, Anti-Friction Coating for the Agriculture & Grain Industry.

The agriculture and grain industry has long had a sticking problem of keeping grain and other agricultural products flowing freely through process equipment and releasing fully from equipment like hoppers, conveyors and truck beds.  Climb-Guard™ is proving to be an ideal solution to these issues.  It’s the revolutionary new product you can apply yourself to easily create a non-stick coating where friction causes unwanted sticking or impedes smooth movement.  It’s eco-safe, tough, durable, dries completely to the touch, and forms an incredibly slippery and sticky paint coating that virtually eliminates dry-bulk product sticking.  As easy to apply and as affordable as typical industrial grade paints, Climb-Guard™ is the ideal and practical solution to try on any hard surface where you have sticking and friction issues.


Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Paint with Incredibly Low VOCs.

Climb-Guard™ is safe for use in agricultural and industrial applications including bulk product transportation and processing.  It has an incredibly low VOC rating and it’s tough and durable so degradation doesn’t pose a problem in bulk processing and shipping prior to final food manufacturing for animal-grade or human-grade consumption.  Applies and dries just like any industrial grade paint product – simply brush, roll or spray onto hard surfaces where friction and sticking is a problem.  Climb-Guard™ is an affordable, tough and durable solution that lasts for years with a single application, and it actually gets more slippery as it wears.


Prevent Grain & Dry Bulk Agricultural Products from Sticking.

Use Climb-Guard™ to prevent agricultural product ticking & friction Issues in a variety of applications.

      • Truck beds
      • Hoppers
      • Conveyors and leg elevators
      • Feed Mills
      • Dust Collection Systems
      • Industrial Ducting
      • Material Processing Systems
      • More…