Innovative Anti-Climb Protection for Government, Industrial & Commercial Property.

Government entities and commercial property owners responsible for public works items including light standards, traffic signals, signage and poles need to protect against climb threats to prevent security breaches, damage, injury and liability.  Watson’s innovative Climb-Guard™ is the ideal anti-climb paint coating for anyone responsible for protecting and maintaining lighting and traffic signal poles in public areas.

  • Federal and State Government Public Works.
  • Departments of Transportation (DOT).
  • Cities, Towns & Municipalities.
  • Commercial Property Owners.
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities.
  • All Administrators of Public Works & Properties.

No More Greasy Anti-Climb Paint Mess.  Years of Protection.

Historically, the anti-climb coating options have been limited to temporary, messy, greasy sacrificial coatings that create a slimy, slippery surface.  These coatings are expensive because they take as much work as painting to apply, then only last a couple weeks or maybe months, if the weather is good.  As a consequence, these short-term, messy coatings are typically deployed in a rush ahead of known events where climbing could be a problem, such as organized public demonstrations which could lead to unrest or riots, major sports championship wins, parades or other large public gatherings.  The limited protection these products offer is only good if it’s applied exactly when you need it.  This expensive problem is solved with Watson Coatings’ Climb-Guard™ anti-climb paint – it’s the ONLY anti-climb coating that dries completely to the touch with no greasy mess, and it lasts for years, just like conventional paints.  You can apply it once and get years of anti-climb protection. 

Always Be On Guard Against Climb Threats with Watson Climb-Guard™.

With the long-term durability and proven effectiveness of Watson’s Climb-Guard™ anti-climb paint coating, there’s no reason property owners and administrators shouldn’t always be prepared against security breaches, injuries or liabilities from climb attacks. 


  • NO STICKY MESS. Hardens completely dry to the touch!
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction (COF) makes it incredibly slippery.
  • Weathering, rubbing and age actually make it more slippery!
  • Environmentally safe, water-based formula with super low VOC’s.
  • Single component product means no resin/hardener mixing required.
  • As easy to apply as standard paints. (Spray, brush or roll on)
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Durable protection that lasts for years.
  • As AFFORDABLE as high-high quality paints.