Consumers & Homeowners

The Anti-Stick Coating in a Can for Consumers & Homeowners.

Now you can quickly solve sticky problems around the house and yard with amazing new Climb-Guard™, from the innovators at Watson Coatings.  The product was originally designed and proven as a highly effective anti-climb coating for perimeter walls, but Climb-Guard has such incredible no-stick, anti-friction properties, people are just beginning to realize how useful it is as a simple anti-stick solution when they need things to slip, slide or glide off solid surfaces.  Now you can get Climb-Guard™ for use in your home and around the yard, whether for security to prevent climb threats, or as an anti-stick coating in a can to solve sticky problems.


Anti-Stick Paint Coating is Easy to Apply & Environmentally Friendly.

Climb-Guard™ is an ideal solution for homeowners to solve problems where things stick to surfaces or need some extra help sliding or gliding.  It’s costs about the same and it as easy to apply as conventional high-quality paints and hardens tough, dry to the touch and super-slippery, with no greasy mess.  Water-based and environmentally friendly, it’s safe for use around the home and yard, and the possible uses are only limited by your imagination! 


What Do You Want to Need to Make Anti-Stick? 

      • Make your bird feeder pole super-slick and hard for critters to climb.
      • Make chair and furniture feet glide on hard floors.
      • Line your wheelbarrow so dirt and grass slide right out.
      • The possibilities are endless!

Solve Sticking Problems at Home Today with Climb-Guard™.

Originally designed in for use by the US Federal Government to deter climb-attacks on US Embassies around the world, Climb-Guard™ is now available to consumers everywhere.  Climb-Guard lets you easily apply an anti-stick coating to almost any hard surface to solve sticking and friction problems.  It’s easy to use, environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals, and affordable.  Try some today!