Anti-Climb Security

Watson Climb-Guard™:  The Best Perimeter & Wall Anti-Climb Paint Coating.

Watson Climb-Guard™ is a revolutionary new anti-climb paint product designed to help you protect perimeter walls from climb threats.  It is the ONLY anti-climb paint coating that dries completely to the touch, lasts as long as high-quality paints, and is incredibly slippery with NO greasy mess.  It actually gets more slippery with weathering and scuffing!  The coefficient of friction (COF) of Climb-Guard’s™ dry surface is incredibly low so would-be intruders simply can’t get a grip on it to scale walls.  Designed in conjunction with the US Government to protect US embassy walls around the world, Climb-Guard™ is now available to the general public to deter intruders and vandals from climbing walls, posts and fences.


Durable, Long-Lasting, Economical, Environmentally Safe and it works!

There is absolutely no better anti-climb coating on the market to protect property and prevent intruders from gaining access to your facility by climbing walls or fencing.  Climb-Guard™ is a durable and long-lasting industrial grade coating that provides years of protection without the greasy mess of other anti-climb paint options.  It’s water-based with a super low and safe Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rating, and it’s easy to apply by spray or brush, just like regular paint – no special equipment, preparation or cleanup needed. Climb-Guard™ is available in a wide variety of colors and adheres to most solid surfaces including concrete, stucco, metal and more.  And here’s the best part:  Climb-Guard is comparable in cost to typical high-quality paint coatings, making it the most economical, highly-effective anti-climb coating on the market!  (Extra!  Climb-Guard™ is also an excellent sacrificial anti-graffiti coating.)


Anti-Climb Paint Keeps Intruders from Easily Scaling Vertical and Angled Surfaces:

  • Security & Perimeter Walls.
  • Light Standards & Poles.
  • Down Pipes & Guttering.
  • Cell Towers & Masts.
  • Radio & Communications Towers.
  • Correctional institution and jail walls.
  • Anywhere you need to prevent climbing and scaling threats.