Climb-Guard™ is Revolutionizing the Anti-Climb Paint Market!

Climb-Guard™ is revolutionizing the anti-climb coating market as the ONLY durable anti-climb paint that hardens dry to the touch and incredibly slippery, with no greasy mess.  The newest innovation from the engineering minds at Watson Coatings, Climb-Guard™ was originally conceived for and in collaboration with the US Federal government to help protect US embassy walls against scaling and climb threats, and it’s in use around the world today.  100% designed and made in the USA as a highly effective, anti-intruder, anti-vandal climb prevention coating, this innovative product produces an incredibly slippery paint coating that completely dries to the touch with a coefficient of friction (COF) so low, it’s tough for anything to get a grip on it.  Climb-Guard™.  Never Messy.  Always on Guard. 


Yesterday’s Obsolete, Greasy Anti-Climb Coatings. 

Yesterday’s greasy anti-climb coatings only last a few weeks or months, washing away in weather or simply drying out.  Until now, deploying an anti-climb coating meant rushing to apply a greasy petroleum-jelly like climb-deterrent product as soon as possible before a major crowd-gathering event.  Maintaining constant advance protection with these temporary anti-climb coatings is cost-prohibitive, especially for larger surfaces.  Get it on fast or pay lots of money to have ongoing anti-climb protection.  Until now, that’s how anti-climb coating products worked.


Today’s Better Way. 

Watson’s Climb-Guard™ is a game-changing innovation in anti-climb paint technology.  It’s the only anti-climb paint you can buy that dries completely to the touch, and it’s so affordable and easy to use, Climb-Guard™ is destined to make greasy climb-prevention coatings a thing of the past.  Climb-Guard™ works just like any industrial grade water-based paint, but it’s incredibly slippery.  With these benefits, why would you ever use a messy, temporary anti-climb coating again?

  • AFFORDABLE as typical industrial grade paints.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, water-based, with super-low VOCs.
  • EASY TO APPLY by brush, roller or sprayer.
  • HARDENS COMPLETELY DRY TO THE TOUCH, but incredibly slippery!
  • GETS MORE SLIPPERY OVER TIME with abrasion and weathering.
  • ANTI-GRAFFITI BONUS: Sacrificial and easy to wipe away graffiti.
  • NEVER MESSY! No greasy residues, even years after application.
  • ALWAYS ON GUARD! Lasts for years like any industrial grade paint!

It’s easy to see why Climb-Guard™ is the game-changing product that will make greasy anti-climb coatings obsolete!  Climb-Guard™.  Never Messy.  Always On Guard. 

Anti-Friction, Non-Stick Applications for Climb-Guard™.

With its incredibly low friction properties, Climb-Guard™ is also being used by industry and consumers as an anti-friction coating for a variety of non-stick applications.  Used as a tough, highly effective anti-stick coating, Climb-Guard™ makes things slip, slide and glide off surfaces.  Use it to create low-friction surfaces that make things move more easily or to keep material from sticking where it shouldn’t.  Climb-Guard’s groundbreaking formula is so versatile, people are finding new industrial, commercial and consumer anti-climb and anti-stick uses for it every day!