Deter Vandals with Watson’s Premium Anti-Graffiti Paint Products.

Graffiti is an expensive problem for building and property owners.  Graffiti vandals can be tough to catch because they come and go quickly, and because they’re rarely caught in the act, the property owner is left to deal with the eyesores they create.  It’s a frustrating expense that costs time and money.  Watson’s premium anti-graffiti paint products are your best defense against graffiti vandals.  We offer top-quality, affordable solutions that help take the pain, headache and big expense out of dealing with graffiti vandalism.  There are two types of anti-graffiti paints available, sacrificial and permanent, depending upon your needs and applications.


Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Paint:  Watson Coatings’ Aqua-Shield.

As the name implies, Watson Coatings’ Aqua-Shield is a water-based, single component anti-graffiti coating product that you stir and apply with a brush or spray, just like regular paints.  Aqua-Shield dries fast to form a clear-coat barrier over the surface it’s protecting, and if the surface is vandalized, the coating can be removed (sacrificed) using a 1500= PSI high-pressure washer.  The graffiti simply washes away with the coating, then you reapply a fresh coat of Aqua-Shield to protect against future graffiti attacks.  Ideal for protecting areas where repainting is easier, such as:

      • Building exteriors and walls
      • Fences
      • Sound walls barriers
      • Other building and surfaces with easy access

Permanent (Non-Sacrificial) Anti-Graffiti Paint:  Watson Coatings’ Armorex.

Armorex Anti-Graffiti paint from Watson Coatings is a tough and durable solution for graffiti problems, especially on hard to reach or frequently attacked property exteriors.  Armorex is a solvent based, two component polyurethane anti-graffiti paint solution that has industrial strength durability, so it has an initial cost that is higher than sacrificial options, but it’s long-term non-sacrificial protection against graffiti vandalism makes it a high-value choice in certain applications.  When applied properly, Armorex provides many years of protection against graffiti vandalism by creating a protective surface that spray paint graffiti cannot bond to.  When graffiti attacks occur, the offending paint is simply wiped off using a graffiti remover solvent.  (For Anti-Graffiti AND Anti-Climb Protection, check out our Climb-Guard™ product!)