Prisons, Jails & Correctional Institutions

Wall & Perimeter Anti-Climb Protection for Prisons, Jails & Correctional Institutions.

The need to protect perimeters, fences, barriers and walls against climbing and scaling attempts in prisons and jails is obvious – prevent prisoners and inmates from escaping or accessing restricted areas by climbing.  With Climb-Guard™ anti-climb paint from Watson Coatings, correctional institutions now have an incredibly cost-effective solution to create low-friction coating on almost any kind of surface, including concrete, metal and other common materials.  Climb-Guard™ was developed in conjunction with the US Federal government to protect US embassies against climb threats, and now it’s available for use in penal facilities, jails, psychiatric institutions and juvenile detention centers. 


Climb Guard™:  Easy to Apply, Dries with No Greasy Mess, Durable & Affordable.

Climb-Guard™ from Watson Coatings is a revolutionary innovation in anti-climb paint coatings.  It’s the only anti-climb paint product that dries completely to the touch with no greasy mess, yet it’s incredibly slippery and tough to get a grip on.  Climb-Guard™ is easy to apply with a brush, roller or sprayer, and costs no more than typical high-grade paints, so it’s an affordable solution against climb threats.  For about the same cost as typical industrial grade paint, now you can get the added advantage of anti-climb protection.  Apply Climb-Guard once and it will last for years, and it actually gets more slippery with age.