Armorex Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Paint.

Watson’s Aqua-Shield non-sacrificial anti-graffiti paint coating is a solvent-based, two component polyurethane product ideal for use on concrete, steel, metals and other building and property surfaces.  When a wall or surface is protected against graffiti attacks by brushing or spraying on Armorex, the offending paint can be easily wiped off with readily available graffiti removing solvents, which also makes it appropriate for use on interior walls and spaces.  Armorex comes at a higher price point and requires a little extra preparation for application, but compared to the costs of repainting or getting pressure-washing equipment to high or difficult to reach areas, it’s a cost-effective, long-lasting alternative to sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings.

How Armorex Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating Works.

Armorex forms a long-lasting anti-graffiti paint coating that paints can’t bond and stick to, allowing property owners to wipe off graffiti with a solvent based cleaner.  Armorex creates a durable protective anti-graffiti surface that lasts as long as high-quality industrial grade paints, and graffiti can be removed again and again with almost no reduction in the coating life.  It’s your best protection against graffiti attacks, gang tags, aerosol spray paint vandalism and other property defacements.

Where to Use Armorex Anti-Graffiti Paint.

Armorex is the ideal graffiti attack defense coating for hard to reach and high areas of properties and buildings. It can be used on almost any exterior property surface to protect against graffiti vandalism and attacks.  It’s low price point makes Aqua-Shield ideal for covering large areas with ground-level access, where power-washing and recoating are easier.  It’s also an ideal choice for surfaces that are vulnerable to repeated, frequent graffiti vandalism attacks.  For tough to reach walls and surfaces or areas subject to continuous graffiti damage, consider investing in Watson’s Armorex Non-Sacrificial coating for a solution.  Use Aqua-Shield anti-graffiti paint coating on property including:


  • Off ground, high-level, difficult to reach exterior walls and surface on buildings and property.
  • Highway and roadway sound barriers.
  • Bridges, overpasses, underpasses and abutments.
  • Jersey walls and concrete traffic barriers.
  • Roadway and street signage.
  • Water towers, storage tanks and silos.
  • Electrical, radio, communications and cell towers and masts.
  • Statuary, pedestals and footings.
  • Correctional institution and jail walls.
  • Graffiti prone industrial and commercial properties.
  • Any interior or exterior surface to protect against graffiti vandalism attacks.