The Best Anti-Climb Paint Coating for Telecommunications Towers & Masts.

Telecommunications towers and masts face threats from terrorist attacks, vandalism, trespassing and other security threats that can cause catastrophic damage, injury or death.  Anti-climb protection is key, making it as hard as possible for climbers to scale towers that house sensitive equipment.  Designed in conjunction with the US Federal Government to protect US Embassies across the world, Watson Climb-Guard is the best anti-climb paint available to protect towers and masts from climb threats.


Types of Towers & Masts Vulnerable to Climb & Scaling Threats:

  • Telecommunications & Mobile Cell Phone Antenna Towers.
  • Radio, Television & Broadcast Towers & Masts.
  • Guyed, Stayed and Self-Supporting Towers.
  • Mast Radiator & Radiating Towers.
  • Camouflage or Stealth Towers.
  • Lattice Towers.
  • Monopole Towers.
  • Any tall structures that need to be protected again climb and scaling threats


A DRY Anti-Climb Paint Coating That’s Affordable.

The problem of protecting towers, masts and antenna structures against security, damage and liability issues caused by climbers is finally solved!  Climb-Guard™ is the revolutionary new anti-climb paint from Watson Coatings that is super slippery and incredibly tough to get a grip on, with no greasy mess.  It’s the only anti-climb paint coating that dries completely to the touch and lasts for years and years, with an affordable cost comparable to high-quality industrial paints.  Developed in cooperation with the US Federal Government to protect US embassies from climb threats, Climb-Guard™ is now on the market for governmental, commercial and residential consumers everywhere.