Company History

Watson Coatings:  Company History.

Watson Coatings proudly creates and manufactures all their products in the USA using the best in American scientific ingenuity and technical expertise.  As a recognized leader in the industrial coatings industry, our paint and coating products are known for providing long-lasting, top-quality performance in tough conditions.  The company is privately held and family-owned, and prides itself on service and the relationships it forms with customers.  Watson Coating’s original product line included rust-proofing and underbody compounds but has evolved to produce a full line of water-based, water-borne enamels, epoxies, polyurethane finishes and UV cure coatings.  Since 1979, Watson Coatings has earned its reputation as an industry leader providing top-quality coating products for specialized heavy industrial applications including everything from bridge coatings, to gas cylinder paints and more.

Through the years, the market for anti-graffiti coatings emerged and grew along with the rising problem of graffiti vandalism, and Watson Coatings rose to the challenge, producing highly effective sacrificial and non-sacrificial anti-graffiti paint coatings that have become go-to products for public, commercial and industrial property owners.  Watson’s Aqua-Shield and Armorex anti-graffiti products allow for the easy removal of unsightly graffiti damage and have literally saved property owners millions of dollars in the expensive battle against graffiti vandalism.

Today, Watson Coatings continues its innovative tradition with the introduction of its new anti-climb paint coating product, Climb-Guard™.  Developed in cooperation with the US Federal Government to protect US embassy walls against climb attacks, Climb-Guard is the only affordable anti-climb paint product in the world that hardens completely dry to the touch, remains incredibly slippery to deter climb attacks and lasts for years.  Watson Coatings is extremely proud that Climb-Guard™ is revolutionizing the anti-climb paint coating industry, providing the first durable, non-greasy climb prevention coating that’s as easy to use as typical industrial grade paints, and just as affordable.

Watson Coatings is committed to supplying only the highest quality paint and coating products, using the most advanced, innovative technology available, always at a fair market price.  Count on us for outstanding expert support, technical assistance and customer service.