Jersey Walls & Concrete Traffic Barriers

The Problem of Vehicles Climbing Jersey Walls & Traffic Barriers.

Jersey walls, F-shape, constant slope and other concrete traffic safety barriers are designed to redirect or stop a vehicle from crashing into neighboring lanes or oncoming traffic.  They are used as median barriers between lanes of opposing traffic, roadside barriers on the edges of roads, bridge rails and other traffic barrier purposes.  Their unique shapes with angled and sloped sides help minimize the ability of a vehicle tire to grab, climb and lift against these barriers.  The lifting action caused by the friction of a tire rubbing against the concrete traffic barrier can cause a vehicle to climb a Jersey wall, greatly increasing the risk of the vehicle flipping, rolling, crossing into other traffic lanes or veering off a roadway.  It’s a critical problem leading to serious injuries or deaths when vehicles impact traffic barriers.


Climb-Guard™ Dramatically Reduces Traffic Barrier Crossovers & Rollovers.

Climb-Guard is a revolutionary new product that could help save countless lives on highways and roads everywhere.  The incredible low Coefficient of Friction (COF) rating of Watson Climb-Guard™ significantly increases energy absorption when a vehicle tire impacts against a traffic barrier.  This dramatically reduces crossover and rollover accidents caused by vehicle tires “climbing” concrete traffic barriers on impact.  Climb-Guard™ forms a durable anti-friction coating that dries completely to the touch, with no greasy residue.  It’s as long-lasting as typical industrial paints, and amazingly, it’s just as affordable.  With Climb-Guard™, highway departments and public works administrations finally have a cost-effective solution to minimize the problem of concrete traffic barrier crossover and rollover accidents.