Climb-Guard™ Anti-Stick, Anti-Friction Coating Solves Problems in Industry.

Designed in conjunction with the US Federal Government as a highly effective an anti-climb coating to protect perimeter walls on US Embassies around the world, Climb-Guard™ is a revolutionary new product that continues to find a wide variety of practical applications for industry.  Climb-Guard™ is a tough, durable coating that forms a dry to the touch, super-slick finish that makes things slip, slide and glide off solid surfaces.  Use it just like paint to easily create a non-stick, anti-friction coating on almost any solid surface where friction causes unwanted sticking or impedes smooth movement. Think of it as a non-stick coating in a can – stuff just slides right off it!


Industrial Anti-Stick & Low Friction Applications:

      • Slide parts and boxes more easily on conveyors.
      • Prevent dry bulk products from sticking in hoppers.
      • Reduce friction and sticking in chutes so product glides easily.
      • Prevent climb access to dangerous or secure areas.
      • The possibilities are endless, and the ideas for uses keep coming!

Environmentally Friendly.  Easy to Apply.  Tough & Durable.  Affordable.

Climb-Guard™ is a safe, environmentally friendly, water-based protective paint coating that adheres to almost any surface and dries super-slippery, with no greasy mess.  It’s easy to apply with no special equipment needed. Simply brush, roll or spray on Climb-Guard™ just like you would any other paint, then clean up with soap and water.  For a price comparable to typical industrial grade paints, you get a tough and durable anti-friction, anti-stick coating that lasts for years, and it actually gets more slippery over time. 

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