Concerts, Sports & Public Event Venues

Anti-Climb Paint for Concerts, Sports, Protests & Public Event Venues.

Many public event venues face damage and injury liability problems caused by overenthusiastic revelers or attendees intent on doing damage.  In addition to damages to equipment, property and the facilities themselves, public venue owners and promoters also need to protect against injuries and related liabilities that could result from someone climbing and falling in their building or event site.  Imagine the big crowds of jubilant sports fans when their city’s team wins a major sports championship, or when the hottest band is playing to avid, raucous fans in your home town. Worse yet, imagine crowd control problems at public protests or rallies where the potential for riots and climb threats becomes very real. 


The Only Anti-Climb Paint the Dries Completely to the Touch, with No Greasy Mess.

Climb-Guard™ is the exiting new innovation in anti-climb paint from the engineering minds of Watson Coatings.  Developed in conjunction with the US Federal Government to protect US Embassies against climb threats, Climb-Guard™ is destined to make greasy climb-prevention coatings a thing of the past.  Environmentally friendly, water-based and as simple to apply as any paint with a brush, roller or sprayer, Climb-Guard™ is the ONLY anti-climb paint coating that dries completely to the touch, with no greasy mess.  Tough and durable, it lasts for years and gets even more slippery with age, abrasion and exposure to the elements.  Finally, there’s an AFFORDABLE anti-climb coating you can paint on once and get years of ongoing protection against climbing and scaling threats:  Watson Climb-Guard™.  Never Messy.  Always On Guard.


Water-Based, Safe, Easy to Apply & Affordable.

Environmentally friendly with a super-low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rating, Climb Guard™ is water-based, safe and easy to apply with a brush or spray on concrete, metal and a variety of other surfaces. Industrial grade Climb-Guard™ gives you years of long-lasting, tough durability with a cost comparable to typical high-quality paints.  It’s easy to use, affordable and frustratingly effective against would-be climbers!  It Really works! BONUS: Climb-Guard™ is also an outstanding Anti-Graffiti coating!